Saturday, 2 February 2008

Revenge of the sixth...

Six new hairs in a day... I must me out of my mind...

Well... here it is... Ryoko, the new batch.

This is a funny one. My relationship with this style... or it's version one predecessor is mixed to put it mildly. At first I was proud about how it came out; loved it in fact, despite it being longer than it ought to have been. Then I got bored with it. Then I started making better hairs... and people kept on buying it... and they STILL ARE!

No offence to you if you love Ryoko the first... it has it's fans, but it's no longer my best work - in fact not even close... and the fact that it still sells despite other styles that look, IMHO, better being available confuses me. OK I have to redo it for the sake of tradition... and here it is - The improved version. Shorter, you'll notice and, eerily enough 105 prims, just like the original.

OK... now to either get some sleep or drive myself to distraction going for #7...

Until next time,


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