Saturday, 16 February 2008

One from the ashes, and something even more yummy...

Once again the Windlight viewer is insisting I download an update (for the third time in a week) so here I am at a loose end, adding to the ol' blog.

Tinting continues apace - I've finished four and made a start on another 9 - I just want to get done what I have in the inventory now, before ploughing on and making more hair.

That said, all the time I'm finetuning and refining. the latest tweaks have been made to what was initially called the 3XL pony [refit]... not the catchiest name.

Either way, I've decided not to make a 2XL pony this time arouind... and as such I've decided to name the ponies, rather than number them. The XL is beiong called Lara, due to the surprising similarity between the style and that worn by the erstwhile Ms Croft... the 3XL is being rebranded "Phoenix" - after it's hugely long and floaty tail - over 2m in all.

Also been playing with the tails and have recreated a MUCH more convincing Yumi replacement; the previous now being referred to as Luna, as it bears similarities to a Sailor Moon hairdo.

On the men's side, I've been working on a way to add a little body to a skin with hair on it, and have come up with "Stampede" - a military flat top, which due to the way alpha textures are (poorly) handled in SL, I'll only be releasing in the darkest of colour. Will finalise shortly.

Wisper is still holding onto Kiriyama, TW1 and Sid... but once she gets them back and retextured to me, I cam carro on and rework James, George and Dexter. Not long now...

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