Saturday, 23 February 2008

So... those new colors... and new price bands

It occurs to me that I've been making a lot of reference to the new colors, but I'm yet to show them off...


No idea... just the way it's been. So what do you want to know? well... I've toned them down a little... gone is the excessive shiny, although I've maintained some to give them a feel of life... not flat jet black from me this time out... oh no... nor will there ever be. You want hair that's black black black in my range? Buy whatever color you please, take a copy and tint it yourself.

And tips... I've mentioned loking at them... I did... and decided against because it just gets silly. What colors do I offer tipped... and what color tips? Well... the other thing to bear in mind is that every other retailer out there who offers more than a dozen or so colors offers tips... red, black, white... whatever... but they don't offer the sheer range of base colors that I want to. As such, I won't offer tips in the foreseeable because if I did, I'd have to find a way of offering all tip colors on all my existing hair shades... Which for the 3rd set is no fewer than 72 colors to begin with... or, two hair vendors PER SIM, which is, as you can imagine, unworkable...

So anyway... enough of the preamble.

Here's the new grid...

72 colors, 36 packs, 6 color groups... You'll notice that there are around 30 new shades, with some notable retirements from the old line. Pillarbox is gone, as I never liked the highlighting - Marachino (in Red Box 2) is a good substitute if it was your preferred color. Mocha has been renamed Cappuccino (Brown Box 6), now that I realise that's what I meant the entire time, and now I can reliably SPELL 'cappuccino'. Espresso has been rebranded Coffee (Brown Box 1)

Please note; colors are now going to be offered in Dual packs (to keep the vendor prim count down, and to give you the choice of shades for just a leetle exra money). Nothing overly fancy, and I'm still cutting my own throat... you'll see when these babies go live... Also, I think I'm going to have to say it... No... I won't be offering colors singly at any point in the foreseeable future. Most of the major players now offer dual or even triple packs (for more than I'm charging) and those who still offer singles (at sometimes deluded price figures) will soon have to open their eyes and move with the times.

I'll be offering color demos for the first time in a range of styles and sizes for you to try to make absolutely sure you're getting what you want. Note that not all styles will be represented in all colors... but there'll be long ones, short ones and spiky ones to get the best idea.

we'll be offering fatties as before... 12 colors in each, and the big 72 color pack for a further per style discount. And to simplify things further, the relaunch will take place with just two initial price bands...

Premium / Popular:
120L per double
360L per fattie
980L the works

Esoteric / Simple:
60L per double
180L per fattie
540L the works

I've decided to forego the 75L equivalent tier, as it was for static styles... in the new range, no static styles exist, so it's redundant. I may later create a 25L equivalent band as and when I decide to start phasing out new lines. Either way, when that hits we're talking 30L for 2 colorways...

All told, you've got to admit whichever way you slice it, those prices are pretty reasonable bearing in mind you get 2 shades in 4 sizes in each basic box.

Four? Yes... Due to popular demand, and because most male shapemakers insist on creating HUGE guys (who I refuse to date, just so you know), we're instigating an XL size above the previous large... which means, quite simply, if the XL is too small, you ain't gonna find hair anywhere... really... The base size used for XL generation is a 100 head; and in SL, they don't come larger until you start adding prims. The large previously was an 80, medium 65 and small 50. these sizes we're keeping. Note as well that all the hair can be scaled DOWN should you need to, as I don't use minimum measures in any part of the build.

Well... that's more waffle than a belgian breakfast... Go havbe fun and watch this space...

Until next time,


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