Monday, 4 February 2008

two peas in a pod... and big spiky fun

Well... you know I whipped up Shinobu a few days ago on a whim... the base has proved great for a number of applications... and I loved the fringes... but thre was no denying that Shinobu was a feminine short style... the undercut at the back and the long bits by the ears kinda guaranteed that.

What I didn't mention was that I tweaked it a little, added a little more bulk on the crown of the head and some neck detailing, rather than just the high bob thingy and came up with a much more masculine line, which also works on the ladies as a more classic cut of Shinobu's contemporary...

So photo time... Shinobu on the left, Keitaro on the right.

Hope you can see the difference! I ought to have taken a shot of the back of each, as that's where the real differences lie.

Furthermore, I went out for the first time in ever on Friday night after cranking out 6 hairs... but before I went, I created something silly to wear... which I've since refined and created another atyle based on the Shinobu frame... This is the triple-tailed Matsuko. To hell with my decision to drop primcounts when I could... this one clocks in at an alarming 214... the second highest individual score of any hairstyle, new or old (Spike's 224, Nariko and the original Sakura are 208) but what the hell...

I have no idea how it'll go down, but I like it... hope you do too...

Until next time,


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