Wednesday, 8 October 2008

200th post... Monumentous events... :)

Well it's happened... hit the big 200-post mark finally.

What's to add? well...

In the last week I've put together a new sculpted cornrow set named Sol, set up a men's showcase store in the French-owned region of Admicile, and not only that, in four hours' time, the door opens on another satellite store on Hairspray 2.

Sol is going to be based solely at the Hairspray 2 location, and will be on sale for A LINDEN a double... yes you heard. Why? Because I want to offer something special at that location, as I feel that the organisers there are doing a great job, and ought to see a little traffic... and as dollarbies tend to attract said traffic... why not?

Links to all shops are now listed in the "Discordant Retail" section on the right hand side.

Hope you like!

Until next time,


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