Saturday, 25 October 2008

Get Carter...

A new release for you again... Carter is a punky, floppy mohican that is, as you can probably guess... braided.

A nice one for the guys here; and for a limited time available at the Boingo / Elixir Oktoberfest on Fantasy Land 3 (search for boingo and you can't go wrong) as an exclusive double pack - the standard mohican and an undercut full head version.

Fatpacks only of the special though... 200L apiece for 12 colors or 500L the lot; as I have serious prim constraints to work to.

The original is available instore for 60L a double, 180L a tonepack and 490L the lot... so you're getting a good deal.

Furthermore; I've set out fatties of Kaiba, Akira, Taylor, Robert, Vladimir, Roni and George; all marked down by 40%... so do come check it out.

Until next time,



R.E.II said...

Hi Kallisti, just how would you like your coffee if I may ask?

Kallisti Burns said...

Got to be tall, black and very strong ;)