Monday, 20 October 2008

Closing down sale...

Ok... just to confirm, I'm NOT leaving SL... but I am streamlining a little bit. What with taking on the Hairspray site and the Admicile location, my costs have gone up by close to 20,000L a month, so I'm having to make a few cutbacks. which basically means ditching the locations that are currently running at a loss...

Well, location.

It pains me to say it, but the Suburbs Mall store has been, for want of a better word, unviable since I moved in. Not a single week has gone past where it's made a profit; and in fact it's often 10 days between demo sales there. So basically I'm opting to cut my losses and leave, despite the fact it's owned by some dear friends.

Josey... Sid... I'm sorry.

So basically I've got 24 hours left on my contract... so until it expires at 1pm SLT tomorrow, everything instore is 83% off...

Landmark in the Discordant Retail section.

Until next time,


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