Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Backtracking in the name of progress

Common thing for me to look at my lines and thing "well I can do better than that..." and no surprises, I've started a periodic reshuffle of stock, replacing old stuff with new.

One of my primary areas of concern is the long open styles I sell... because, dear reader, they're textured badly, due to the way I tried to work them. well OK... it's not disastrous... just no longer representative of my ability... or I like to think so... So in the name of progress, and after a boot in the wazoo by Leknaart Timeless to make a new one; I did... This is Shurelia - Live now

This one replaces the old Miko line, which I was going to discount... and might... but I haven't quite yet. To be honest, I may sit it out until someone leans on me about it.

Also out is a replacement for Haruka and Ishi - a sculpted set of piggies using the old handle 'Boo'...

Note as well the switch to the new style "Series 4" vendor photos... Basically I decided "what the hell"... so they'll be cropping up around the store.


Until next time,


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