Monday, 28 November 2011

Tasche Dash - Day 28 - Salsa Verdi

Winding up now... as of writing this I've actually built all the releases - because yes, I have been running this by the seat of my pants. I only decided to start work on this on the 26th of October... so thirty-two builds later (I ditched two for completely different reasons) and so far, twenty eight releases later I'm finally winding it down, and have every intention to go down with a heavy cold on December the first... Still... Nearly finished NaNoWriMo as well... *fnar*

Still style 28 - Giuseppe - a rather traditional full beard, with a sculpted mustache...

Nice eh?

Anyway... Just two more to tint, box and ship out... I'll let you in on one being a pointed goatee, the other being a rebuild of a popular -dD- standby...

Until tomorrow,


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