Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Tasche Dash - Day 30 - Looks like we made it to the end...

You know... I sometimes live to regret being impulsive, and making snap decisions about things. Had I known this would take me around 200 hours to do I might have thought differently, what with everything else going on this month, but I got there... The final style is Vincent -

All in all, that makes fifteen mustaches, seven goatees, six full beards, a set of muttons and some whiskers... thirty facial hairstyles, thirty blog posts (28 of them on time... blush) and a serious extension to the beards wing at -dDx-... I hope there's something for you!

I reckon I may be taking a break for a few days, so until I get back, probably with some dreads, I'd imagine, be safe!

Until next time,


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