Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Tasche Dash - Day 29 - Dundundundun Der Der DUH, Der der DUH, der der DUH...

OK... the penultimate one for you all now... It's a rebuild of a -dD- stalwart in the form of Kerry:

Retextured, improved sculptie beads... Just generally a better job this time.

Anyway - That's today's... tomorrows is the last effectively, but so that you can have a stab at it early, it is out and available now... I'll blog it tomorrow though. ;)

Until then,


P.S. In other beard related news I'm sorry to have to report that the Burns store has massively downsized, pending a refit on the remaining 512m parcel. My landlord of four and a half years (and more) is selling up his mainland plots, and gave me first refusal to buy the remnants of the store to keep it going; but the cost of doing so would have upped my tier to way more than the store was returning - I'm sorry I had to let it go, but there you are.

Apologies I didn't provide you all with more warning; but I had 24 hours to make my decision - and that was it, I'm afraid. A small store still stands, but it will not be by any stretch large enough to support -dD- styles; as each vendor is 46 prims - just too much for a space with 117 total.

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