Saturday, 15 December 2007

Older.... wiser... smarting...

Every once in a while I escape from my little patch on Synchronicity and actually experience something of teh virtual world called Second life... Sadly this week those experiences have been negative...

First of all I need to make one thing absolutely clear. I'm naive to a fault; and as a result, I've paid for my trusting nature.

To clarify. I discovered that the skins I was using in my instant avatar packs were resold illegally - ripped from others' work... and I cannot be a part of that; so as soon as I discovered this, I pulled the shape with immediate effect. Instead I'm going to have no other choice but to make my own skins for them, so I can be wholly certan that my ass is covered from a copyright standpoint. I wouldn't want anyone ripping me of, and I refuse to play a part in it. The shapes will be back, along with two more, Heather and Norman, that I was finalising before the shit hit the fan.

Furthermore, the satellite store on Full Moon Island has been abandonned for reasons that I will not go over in depth - but the primary, of course was that after 6 weeks, it hadn't paid for the first week's rental. There were a few other minor issues relating to neighbours that didn't help either, so I bailed mid-afternoon yesterday.

On a more positive note, the human eyes have been reworked to provide 2 styles in each color for 25L, or fatpacks of nine colors, two styles each for a lowly 99L - or 5.5L an eye... not bad at all. Chimera has finally been launched, and after sweating blood; I can reveal that Sakura has been fixed with respect to alpha issues, so hits the tinters shortly.

Photos to follow... but right now I'm feeling too drained... sorry guys...

Until next time,


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