Sunday, 30 December 2007

The eyes have it again...

Well... back earlier than expected this year.. but no bad thing. I've had the opportunity to reassess the eyes - particularly the cat eyes that, while popular, have been lacking a few colors. Well now I've upped the ante, raising the bar from 15 to 27 colors; and they're nice ones too, unlike the first cat releases that were a little abrupt.

They're currently available in the crate only - 27 eyes for 199L... but I will be going live with the individual and fatpack purchases, much as I have with the human eyes, in the next day or so.

Furthermore, a set of 18 anime eyes will get their launch as soon as I can figure out a way of geting a reasonable looking Anime avatar to model them without shelling out 2500L at Boingo to do so... not that i'd complain... it's just at 15L a pop, that's close to 180 sales to break even... not including the upload costs.

Still... more news and pictures when they comes to anything.

Oh yes... before I forget... there is now a small display of 9 hairstyles in Sterling Grove, set in the barbershop over the Marzipan tearooms. Here's hoping it bucks the trend and actually generates me some coin! Have a looksee if you wish... the two owners are lovely!

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