Tuesday, 4 December 2007

The shape of things to come

Now you may have noticed that the accessories gazebo has been cleeaned out...

This is intentional; as they weren't selling, and I wanted the space for other things in the long term. That said, the decision has caused a little bit of grief in the main, as I wanted to offer a few things outside and beyond hair and eyes... so I thought what the hell and have re-released Martha in a stripped down capacity, and her male alter ego, Arthur as entry level avatars... Skin, eyes and shape.

Yes... I said skin... They're not originals, but the best freebies I could find trawling SL for several hours... so they'll do for now.

Both are available for 99L... come and have a looksee!

In other news, Hydra and CHimera have been stalled while I do my damndest to get James finished... and fortunately, he's now at a tinting and cloning stage, so will be out soon. Sakura is suffering badly with alpha issues and will need an almost complete rework, but I'll stick with and we'll have some new hair news soon... I promise!

Until next time,


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