Saturday, 8 December 2007

New guys' style and new guy!

Hey hey... it's later than makes sense here, and i'm a little bit more tired than I'd like to admit... but here we go anyway.

After literally FORCING my will through my mouse, battling lag artifact after lag artifact, James has taken to the shelves, fully tinted and cloned and looking gorgeous... Well... like hair... *blush*

And we've added another shape to the line - in the form of Geoff. Cute guy next door; somewhat lacking in HUGE musculatture and stature that every guy in SL seems to have.

I for one approve as he's been designed to be my perfect guy to go dancing with... The joys of being 5'1" in a world of seven footers... Anyway... enough of my yap - I'm off to bed for a well deserved 5 hours...

Until next time,


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