Saturday, 22 December 2007

Fast approaching the end of the year

Well guys... it's nigh on six months since I opened the doors on this little venture, and things are ticking over now. This wek saw the release of Mu, Hydra, Sakura and the Hydra/Chimera double pack... and George finally being upgraded from 32 to 48 colors... All in time for everyone to disappear offline for a few days over the festive season.

Talking about disappearing, I too kate off tomorrow for a week or so; braving the family gathering as befits tradition. I'm sure you all have yours and for teh sake of your dsanity I'll spare you mine.

Just thought that seing as it may well be next year before teh next article follows, I'll post some resolutions now.


The first five hairs of next year will be a masculine ponytail (which is already in the workshop, nearing completion of the proto), a long open male one inspired by a certain video game character, another for the guys that's long at the back and short on top without being a mullet... I promise(!)... A set of sensible length girly pigtails and another short asymmetric men's do with some movement to it. I cannot guarantee the order, but those are what's in my head now.

Eyes-wise, I'll be working on a set of Anime shaped ones in the new year... look out for the debut 18 soon in the new year. The charity crate is on standby - read postponed until further notice.

Alice, bless her, has thrown herself into the breech and is making some entry level skins for me so that the shapes, all six of them now, can be relaunched guilt free... They'll happen in time.

OK... on that note, Gift certificate exchanges are now on hold until January 2nd, when I expect to be back seriously, and recovered from NYE... which I have actual factual plans for for the first time since Y2K.

Anyway... on a personal note... to all of you who read this (and I know some of you do) I wish you all the best for the forthcoming year. I hope, whatever you're doing over the break, it's peaceful, relaxing and fun.

See you in-world in 2008!

Until next time,


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