Friday, 22 August 2008

Hair fair opens in a little under four hours...

Onrez is back up... after we managed to kill it yesterday with too much traffic... even so my demos are up and on sale for free... Over 30 people have taken advantage so far, which is pretty cool... even with the speed issues overnight.

I atteneded the designers' pyjama party (which for me started at a somewhat dubious 3am...) and managed to cobble together around 3 hours' sleep... so if I don't check my spelling that's... um... what am I talking about... I NEVER check my spelling... Still; it was a long wait up so I got to work, and on the back of a request, I created a little something... another mustache that's not huge for once... This is Ed:

Not a lot of him, I freely admit... but it's a nice 'tache nonetheless... and yours for 30L.

I'll post the Hair Fair URL here as soon as the sims are open... ;)

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