Sunday, 10 August 2008

You ain't seen me... roight?!

Hi... just checking in from beyond the grave... uh... RL, just to say that yes, I am on a period of absense set to last for five days or therearound. Updates to product lines are running slow at the moment, combined with the hoopage Hair Fair requires of me, I'm working flat out (when actually working and not on the skive that is) resolving those kinda things.

Well actually, no... I'm not...

I've come up with another 18 eye colors in the "Mena" line that I intend to launch fairly soon as part of the re-establishment of the eye hut. It'll be relocated to a sensible location on the new lot (up next to the beards, I suspect... but we'll see...) so, just to make it interesting, I offer you this incentive. In-store I have a subscribeomatic. If you fancy 9 sets of eyes free before the end of the month, touch it for in-world updates... ;)

Until next time,


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