Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Reasons to tidy up one's inventory, #103a

Last night I was on the ol' build platform, starting work on something a little different to pad out the short ponytail / updo line within the shop... strapped together around 100 prims, felt pleased and stared at it blankly; realising that I hadn't got the first clue what to call it. I mentioned it in an IM to a friend of mine Grace, who after umming and ahhing suggested the name Aiko... thus continuing the Japanese naming convention instore. I named the proto Aiko, copy took it into my inventory, then searched for it in my objects folder so I could attach and align...

...Only to find that I had created another hairstyle, also called Aiko, some time ago and didn't release I had it. I looked at it and have decided that while it may not be up to my usual recent standard (and it's a cut and shut of other random componentry) it's still a workable do that is a bastard spawn of Haruka and Ryoko. I'll throw it up and probably throw it out as a freebie group gift... :)

What's more, I've also got hold of a longer version of Travis (not longer prims, just more of them that flow further down the back of the neck), and will add it to the range as another 60L do in the next few days; and maybe tack a double together...

So... three new styles out by Friday? Could well be...

Photos to follow, once I've snapped and composited them.

Until next time,


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