Tuesday, 19 August 2008

OK... the final five...

Ladies and gentlemen, the big news is that I have FINALLY finished my hair fair styles insofar as I'm as good as set to tint up and install the final two; with just 38 hours before the deadline. and I can reveal that the -dD- hairs for hair fair this year are..

Jordan - long treebraids with all that floatiness I love so much down to about waist length

Lorna - Ponytail with the ever so popular hat that everyone seems to be doing

Alba - Classical Greek inspired updo with a braid detail

Roni - men's cornrows, but unisex really... comes in two flavours - with and without roots, in case your skin has a hair layer underneath


George - Yes you heard. Massively updated, the short slightly lifted men's style finally returns just in time for hair fair. And believe you me when I say it's the best men's do I've made to date - if you like that kinda thing!

Jordan and George are both being set up to donate 75% of their take to the Hair Fair charity, Locks of Love; so please do drop by and have a good look when the event opens on Friday. Demos will be made available Thursday through OnRez, as will pictures of the styles in the blog here.

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