Saturday, 13 December 2008

Back in the saddle...

Yes... another RL intervention has had me tied up for a few weeks, but right now, I'm back for a while at least, and can present a new release for your delectation.

Now for those of you who've seen me in-world (as my white-haired form) you'll know that I'm as good as the poster girl for Elixir fashions, owned, organised and managed by Khorus Magne... well... a few days ago I got a note from her asking me whether I would rework my Jordan style into something a little more... um... elaborate...

I asked was it a request or a commission... she said request (which of course, works out cheaper!) and in a few hours, I cranked out the new version, Sylva.

So there you are... out now, in the new braids section. Strangely enough, after showing it to a certain blogger, she directed me to a webpage where people on Flickr had been adding styles they were on the lookout for in SL... and one of them wasn't too far removed... so a third version may be in the offing.

Watch this space!

Until next time,


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