Saturday, 27 December 2008

It's funny how things come together...

...and often not in ways you expect.

I started work on a new braided style for guys, slightly longer than Kaiba, that drops in front of one eye and is flicked over the other. I planned to call it Kazuo.

But, unwritten SL rule #304a kicked in. This is not a guy's style, now it's all pieced together and all is said and done it's defintely unisex.

Oh dear...

One other thing as well, I better come up with a slightly less manly name for it too... :S

This puts me in a rather unfortunate position, insofar that I've got quite some way with Paige, and a photo is likely to be up soon, once it's tinted. It is defintely a girly one (and targetted at a good friend of mine, if she only knew it)

I've promised two freebies to the update group in the new year, and they were supposed to be Paige and Kazuo... but neither are sufficiently manly enough to make it entirely fair; which means I now need to think of something else. I was planning a couple of proper, accessoried dreaded styles in the next few weeks based on the work that went into Ahab (sans hat, this time) so I might bring one or two of these forward and create something, that while long is more masculine.

Who knows... could even put it to the public vote... We'll see how it goes.

Until next time,


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