Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Mainstore reshuffle commences

Just so you know, I'm playing with the layout over the next few days with the main store in an attempt to drop prims, space things out, decrease lag and free up the visuals so it no longer looks like a junkyard. I'll keep track of all the changes in this little bit here...

So far:

- Teleporters added and identified to all major locations: braids, beards, eyes, main entrance, discount area and coffee shop

- Braided styles replicated in new braids location - parcelled up to itself and advertised as such. Braids to be *removed* from main floor (the north building) as and when I've created signage

- Akira / Kaneda double pack scrapped. Nobody has bought a double since launch... so that's 46 prims I no longer need to house. Sorry guys

- Following styles removed from "full range" and sent to the Discount Hair area, selling only as tone and complete packs for 3 and 9 lindens respectively: Crista, Teri, Londo and Spike. Others to follow as demand for each style wains, and as I make new ones...

- Alice Hoyer has updated the dancefloor ball and finished off the concreting of the shop design... Thanks babe...

- Akira, Kaneda, Layla, Beth, Mai and Lorna relocated to improve the layout a little

Still to come

- SIGNAGE... I promise I'll sort this in due course

- reshuffling to regroup hair into ponytails, long loose styles, piggies, short female and short male styles. This will take a while, but it'll happen.

- Renovation party!

Until next time,


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