Tuesday, 23 December 2008

It's full of piratey goodness...

Was asked whether I would consider making a dreaded pirate style... well... I have.

It meant making 73 new textures, but that's all part of the territory; or you would have thought. It was, typically the first time I've made new textures since the store refit... but it went OK, and the result isn't awful! ;)

Oh... and in other news, I've decided to give away my next two styles to update group members, so you might want to consider joining. The first style, tentatively entitled "Paige" is nearing completion, and is a cute choppy feathered bob with a braided detail. The second, a men's do, will be tackled as and when I get teh first done.

Pics of both to follow.

Thirdly, I've expanded the Burns store from 4 to 10 beard styles. Worth a nose if you've not been quite yet!

Until next time,


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