Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The question is...

Seeing as I'm making them in 2008, but launching them in 2009; which is the correct copyright date...?


Two finalised now... Jocasta has been flex readjusted, and Kazuo has been renamed Nox, and retexured.

Either way... further details in the vendor pics, now taken:

And yes, I know I told myself that I wouldn't use custom skins on vendor photos, but Nox suits my "pale as death and stripy" skin from Ayiki Takakura... *blush*

Until next time,


P.S. Yes, this will be my last post for 2008, so a little retrospection...


Quite a year... never thought that by the end of this year when it hit I would have reengineered my entire range, flirted with sculpties, been making braids left right and centre, and have one of the largest ranges of prim facial hair in Second Life... But meh! Not going to complain!

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