Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The big Hair Fair reveal - Part 3 of 4

OK... now here's something I've been asked a couple of times... can I get an undercut?

Given the way it's been previously, the limitations of prim size has been an issue; unless you want a textured one that alphas. I tried a texture undercut with Anthony last year and wasn't overly convinced that it did what I wanted it to - and seeing as my texturing skills aren't the greatest on the face of the metaverse; I've thought about these from a prim perspective. Using the multis I featured yesterday I've gone and created three... Aiodhan, Judy and Kele

Aiodhan's going into Hair Fair... the other two go in store. Couldn't resis making Kele... using both the microdreads and the multis... and yes; it IS named after the lead singer in Bloc Party (hence the shirt) who sports something similar.

More tomorrow... and by now I think you can guess what I've been saving for last...


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