Sunday, 14 June 2009

The Big Reveal - Part 1 of 4

Oh thank goodness - the Hair Fair blackout's been lifted and I can finally start to share what it is that's kept me away from blogging and releasing stuff for the last two months.

Well... Here goes...

For Hair Fair this year I've been trying new things... UTTERLY new that hopefully you won't see anywhere else. The first thing I've been up to is to bulk out the new dreads section. While Flexi dreads are OK, we can't ignore the obvious "squareness" of the individual prims.... And what's more the numbers of prims required to make an effective short style are way too high for a single attach point... hmm... engage brain... fire up in-woirld sculptor and present... Chad, Niobe and Clint.

Chad features as one of my five at Hair Fair, the other two will be added to the dreads section on or soon before the 20th of June. Chad comprises over 600 dreads, but doesn't burst the 255 prim ceiling for a single attach point. They're mostly sculpted but with some highlight flexis to give it a little life. Clint is a 'hawk version for those who wish to partake; while Niobe is a LOT of fun... sculpted dreads pulled up into bunches with loose strands, tufts on the neck and all-round 'cute!'

More tomorrow...


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