Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Biker beards from Mars....

It's been a while... the whole hair fair thing, then some potential repurcussions relating to a Linden Labs tweak of the new viewer have left me a little deflated... and to be honest I was due some time off - but I've been at it again in the beards department.

Specifically, I was walking around Hair Fair (the day before it went public, admittedly) and saw numerous Lady Gaga inspired hairs out there... you know the ones - with the bow tied in out of the hair itself? No? Well neither did I until I googled it... well... I've made my own take on it and it's live...

OK... it's a little quirky, but hey - so's the majority of the rest of the range. In addition, I've been at it to create something a little more 'hardcore' and some would say practical - based loosely on the beard 'Slayer' Guitarist Kerry King sports. It's finished but not live yet - waiting on the model for the shoot; one Arianrhod Gehlbard - the tweakress behind Silverwheel who has been nagging me (nicely though) about posing in a beard... Either way - placer pic for you all to see. Lord Gaga is live now, Kerry will be out some time later this week, once Ari and I cross paths.

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