Monday, 15 June 2009

The big Hair Fair reveal - part 2 of 4

Part two... hmm...

OK... I always get complaints that men's hair in Sl simply isn't short enough. And it comes down to one simple reason - there are a limited number of prims you can tie together to build hair... and wide short prims look naff... unless you're VERY good at texturing them. So back I went to the sculptor and had another bash with something to get more points to the prim - resulting, hopefully in really short, spikey hair. I trialled a couple - experimented with using the new tech to make beards and ran a couple of updates... so I give you Desmond, Marshall and the Geometrics collection:

So many people have told me that while Dexter, my current MPB style is good it's too long... so using the new tech it seemed more than appropriate to build a tighter, shorter style. Marshall is basically at the limits of what these allow me to do (right now... hehe) - comprising over close to 1000 points for 252 prims as a whole head style. The Geometrics are some fun and modern short cropped beard styles that I'm supplying as a block for HF09 (Yes... I'm entering beards into hair fair) and might break up some (much as I did with the multiway goatee) once it's all blown over. I'll be adding Desmond to the shop stock; and submitting Marshall into the Hair Fair lineup also.

Watch this space for more info...


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Anonymous said...

The Marshall style looks great. It's exactly how my hair looks in RL. Will be getting that for one of my alts. :)