Friday, 12 June 2009

Four weeks since the last release....

You know the most painful thing about doing Hair Fair? The long gap that always seems to happen with respect to releases - but let me tell you, the waiting's nearly over now. The media blackout regarding Hair Fair styles ends this weekend,. so I'll start showing you what's up for grabs come Monday... three styles at a time... ;)

'Three?' I hear you ask...

Yup... three. I've got 5 new for Hair Fair; and another 7 to launch concurently instore. I'll be adding to the range at Admicile and replacing the styles in Hairspray too.... So come Thursday you'll know what's out there; Friday I'll load the stores and add demos to XStreet... and then Saturday, Hair Fair goes Live. Look for us just to the left of the landing point of the North East section, by Deviant Kitties and Bryce.

Until Monday,


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