Saturday, 7 July 2007

Kitsune and XL Pony now live...

OK, I'll admit this may come as a surprise bearing in mind what I said earlier in the week... but I've gone and launched the pony, with the promise to all who buy it up front that a refund will be given if they come back and buy a pony pack in the same color when it goes live... there's a note with a password in the box with the full price hairs... so please, do read the notecard before chucking it!

Also I mentioned that George was on the retint bench - well... that still holds true... and yes, I know I'm being poor with the mens styles, but I do promise to do something about that in the near future. The reason development work was held up on George was due to a slight texturing issue, and the fact that Kitsune was finally given the goahead to clone and retint thanks to the hard work, once again, of Alice Hoyer.

Kitsune is a style that I have had floating for months - since before I even figured I'd get into the hair business in fact... but that's by the by. The desire to get it "out there" trumped all other things, and lo, it's been launched in all it's spikey glory. Furthermore, I've also retextured it so it looks a hell of a lot better than it ever did before (and that's an old photo, it has to be said...) so please check out the demo, and don't let the fact that it's non-flexi put you off. It's a fabulous style that looks good on both men and women... and lizards, apparently...

Next up will most likely be George, but I may move Pony development forward... whatever happens, I'll keep you posted. One thing I can guarantee is that the next style up will NOT be Joss... as I syill have to create the textures for all but the prototype style. This will come soon enough, though.

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