Thursday, 26 July 2007

The mind starts wandering...

It's a strange thing really what constitutes a good vs a bad sales day... and the difference seems to be down to one thing... the selling of fat-packs, pushing up overall sales.

Now as you know, I offer individual colors or an "all at once" box of all 32 colors for around 6 times the price of a singleton color... now this is all well and good, but there is, of course, the problem that most people won't want such a large range. Someone who wears Midnight, for example, is unlikely to wear Lavender... and as such, the purpoted saving of 32 for teh price of six becomes a little moot if you only ever wear four... say ranging from Midnight, to Chestnut, through Chocolate and Plum...

So muggins here gets thinking... what about ten-packs of colors, grouped into "Darks", "Reds", "Blondes" and "Unnaturals"... each sold for around three times the price of a single color? - so $L299 for a $L99 singleton..? More of a range than just offering the standard three or four, but for not a huge initial outlay. Might also tempt people after just one or two co,lours to go long...

I was thinking of bagging them as follows:

Dark pack:
Midnight, Chestnut, Chocolate, Plum, Black Grape, Mocha, Graphite, Grey, Raspberry, Pillarbox

Red pack:
Raspberry, Scarlet, Crimson, Pillarbox, Plum, Black Grape, Candyfloss, Flame, Strawberry Blonde, Fuschia

Blonde Pack:
Rich Blonde, Ash Blonde, Dirty Blonde, Platinum, Strawberry Blonde, Honey, Pale Brown, Flame, Mocha, Snow

Unnatural Pack:
Forest, Reptile, Mint, Raven, Sapphire, Lilac, Lavender, Blueberry, Ice, Snow

This will mean fighting with the existing vendors to create new points of sale... but as a ten for three offer, is it worth it?

Comments... analysis...?


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