Monday, 23 July 2007

Tatt'll do...

A slow weekend on the design and build front for very good RL reasons... And seeing as I've always been one to segregate SL and RL, so shall it remain... and no... it's nothing to do with the release of the final Harry Potter. Ok... Maybe it does; at least in some vague way... but I digress.

Just wanted to announce that the tattoo mentioned here is now live in the accessories gazebo. Priced at a lousy $L25, it's sold as a threeway bundle of undershirt, shirt and Jacket layers. While the work itself is black, it can be tinted around the edges to create a smoother blend with your underlying skin.

On a hair front, I'm finalising textures and positioning of Tori, and looking to clone and tint as and when I'm happy. I initially meant it to be a flexi, but it's looking much more likely to hit the shelves as a $L75 static... which is in no way a bad thing... Personally I feel this insistence on Flexi hair is a bit of a fallacy when short styles are involved... and Tori is rather short in places. More details to follow.

Until next time,


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