Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Joss live...

Just so you know Joss is now live, and available at the reduced rate of $L99 per color, or $L550 for all 32... I made this decision to keep all styles under the magic three figures... Yes I admit, there was a LOT more work in Joss than any opf the others so far in terms of retexturing, but in theory, those textures are there to use again should I need them... and what do I charge the second time I do?

I've opted to retexture it again, so that any and all traces of "odd white edges" (Symptomatic of file conversion at upload) have been removed... as such, it looks SO much better... but I'll let you be the judges... pick up a demo (for free of course) and see for yourself.

What this means is that all 14 original styles and the multipack for the ponies are now live. Three vendors remain, and these will be populated with fresh styles over the next fortnight. What's to come? Tori, a short-backed feminine style with long bangs... Guru, a short tied back braid with masculine overtones... and Dexter - the first "male pattern baldness" prim hair in SL... Guru and Dexter are also both likely to be scripted.

Alice, bless her, has been doing some analysis of my early sales figures and we're coming up with a plan of attack for mods and maintenance... and, more importatly, new styles based on purchasing choices made so far...

What this means is relatively straightforward - basicallt styles will be reworked and retextuyred, or bagged up and replaced... but only when something new and improved exists to swap it out...

Over the next month or so, for example, Zoe will be reworked into a more professional style - maybe even made available as a threepack of simple bob styles... clips at the back, grips in the front and maybe with an Alice band (all Accessories will be colorchange scripted, of course!) After that, there's likely to be a push for new vendors on the other plates... adding one at a time, but bringing in more mens styles... as they're sorely needed.

Well work to do... wish me luck!

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