Friday, 4 January 2008

These ones are superlucky!

OK... taken my time to update this, but I've been noticably busy in-store. We've had something of a shakeup and more "coming soon" vendors have been added. What's more, the eye hut has taken a hammering and both cat and anime eyes are now available.

Both retailing for 15L a colorway or 75L for a palette of 9... there are three cat and two anime palettes to choose from - so knock yourselves out!

Like the shapes in the Anime ad? Well... they were created by Alice Hoyer - the poor schlubb called in to model for me in the early days, who is now a resident in the shop, assisting with sales when and where she can. If you've ever seen Alice in person you'll know that she plays the sliders expertly; and rattled off these two shapes, named Ai and Yu (girl and boy) for me in no time flat. She's also agreed for them to go up for sale... so we now have shapes again! No skins though... just shapes...

The shapes are 75L each - and they're copy mod, as all self respecting shapes should be. I've seen people charge 800L for a mod shape, so once again, in true -dD- tradition, you're onto a bargain here. Just FYI, the skins pictured are, on Yu, Gabriel in Early Tan by Lost Thereian; and on Ai, AYSK NoSun (Light makeup) by Ayiki Takakura - which also happens to be the one I generally wear now!

Also in the offing are two new men's hairs... Aidan and Li. Aidan sticks rigidly to the plan - a long male ponytail as advertised before the new year; but Li happened by accident when someone walked into the shop and said he was after a chinese style pony, all set at the back of the head. I had Wisper stall him and ran across the island and whipped one up in what could have been no more than 15 minutes... either way, I was quick about it... Named after the first character named in Crouching Tiger - Li Mubai

Anywho... vendor shots for the pair of them...

More stuff to follow as more stuff is made!

Until Next time,


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