Sunday, 13 January 2008

(Second) Life's little frustrations - #2073a...

"No matter how much you fight it... or how you try to avoid it, long men's hair always looks good on the ladies... often better."

Kicking myself as I am, I've decided that it's in my best interests to move and rebrand Aidan, and the new men's open do (Angelus, which I finished last night) as Unisex, and as such have redrawn the ad boards. When back inworld I'll upload the new images I'm going to share here...


So... despite the fact that I've only ever set out to make one Unisex do (Jude) the shop now, or soon will, contain six - Aya, Axe, Jude, Siren, Aidan and soon Angelus when it's tinted and cloned - effectively enough for their own platform. What with the new extensions, this leaves the men's section looking a little sparce for now, but I'll just have to do something about that later.

On a totally unrelated noted, Alice has been working hard with her trolls creating prim bikinis of all things! This is no longer simply just for an advert... she's looking at offering a complete avatar with clothes (both wearables and prim) green skin and shapes... I'll organise some hair for them... looking at doing an urban tribal threepack that'd fit nicely... and of course the demon eyes are already instore.

What began as a rebranding exercise is taking on a whole momentum... I would say "We've created a monster"... but that was the idea, so it's all a little moot. Pics will follow when she's happy with everything!

Until next time,


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