Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Ok... I think I got it...

A start has been made on recreating the new textures in every conceivable color and shade; and things are off to a rather rocking start.

Currently I have just three textures for each shade that I use, but having picked through my list of wants and needs, it looks that for the new series of textures, I'll be doubling that as a bare minimum... so 48 colors times six textures... you can see where this is going... but to make matters worse, I'm not just looking at the original shades; oh no... but debating whether to replace or extend the range to phase out those that don't go down so well... either way, I'm looing at comeing up with some colors and textures that will be certainly worth the wait. Here for your delectation, is a sample using the new textures. You'll see I've stuck prtty faithfully to the original palettebut have toned down the AAAAGH shiny qualities that the previous textures had to make something a little different.

Also shown in the mix are two experimental colors, Malice and Amethyst darker red and purple respectively.

As you can see they're holding together rather well... or coming together; whichever.

on a further note, It's been decided to gut the shop and find a more effecive way of creating vendors and filling space... if nothing more than to do something about the heavy primcounts currently tied up in the architecture. Alice is in the process of working on some proto vendors for me... and this is how far she's got...

Vertical... colored 3d objects (rather than the little clicky things)... and rather funky with the cutouts and shiny metal struts... looks good, don't you think?

Anyway... until next time,


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