Saturday, 5 January 2008

A subtle clarification, and news of further developments.

The last post is a little confusing I now see, reading back over it. It implies that both Aidan and Li are already out... well... Aidan is, (as of late last night) but Li is yet to go... I suspect, if I pull my finger out it could be launched today... but hey... we'll see!

Never mind!

Further news: a troll in a bikini has been spotted shamboling around Synchronicity Island. If you see him, do not approach as he could well be dangerous... or it could simply be Alice working on a couple of freaky avatar shapes to go with the Demon eyes, which are set for a relaunch shortly!

I've whipped up another 12 colors, stretching the line to 27 colors total. There should be a freaky color available for you, should you be so inclined! The Demon shapes will go on sale too, and come with a couple of optional prim horn combinations.

Hair-wise, once I get this little lot off my back (that's an expression, not a statement! Honestly!), it's on with the schedule... Next up I suspect will be the long open men's, as we have nothing like it at the moment in store... but I could be sidetracked once more...

Until next time,


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