Friday, 18 January 2008

Something changed...

Hmm... in just two hours after my previous post, I had Zoe II tinted, cloned and live in the shop; so it's evident given the right boost up the wazoo I can achieve these things... Also helps it's a low prim hair which means I can tint 36 at once; which is always a bonus.

That in mind; all being well and distractions aside I may get the other low one, Tifa, out tonight (if I do expect another short update today). Sadly the gents' styles, Angelus and Oscar are high prim... 140 and 181 respectively - meaning it's 12 runs to get them tinted and cloned.

In short, I need to find somewhere which is utterly deserted in which to work if I'm going to cover my bases at a sensible rate.

Oh well... time to consider shopping for that sim, I suppose... although right now I'm a LONG way off affording one; even to rent...

Until next time,


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