Friday, 18 January 2008

And so it continues...

I'm looking at the old product lines and thinking it's about time I redid them...well... no... there are a few that I can consign to the wheelybin of life... but seeing as I've efctively redone Kate as Evangeline, I thought I'd look closely at a style always close to my heart, but, compared to recent efforts, poorly put together... that is, of course, Zoe... the first hair I even made.

The redo makes use of a few tricks that I wasn' au fait with way back then... and some multis at the back and sides just because they're there... Despite all this, it clocks in at a remarkably manageable 55 prims and looks, if you don't mind me saying so, the business.

Additionally the clip at the back touch changes between animal print (shown) rosewood and a plain pale texture for color tinting... so that's a whole lot of whizz in what is a simple little hairtie... enjoy!

Going live when I can concentrate enough to stop fannying about and get a clone run on.

In other news, Diva is live... well... one color, it'd be hanrd not to get it done would it?

Until next time,


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